About Sisters Code

While women make up 46.7% of the U.S. workforce, they represent less than 25% of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workers.  Sisters Code was founded to help bridge the technology gender gap by providing women with the tools they need to successfully re-career into the field of technology, transform lives and provide corporations with a greater pipeline of diverse talent to address the gender equity balance within their organizations.

Sisters Code is not a “one-off” class, it’s a movement.  We are working to empower women ages 25-85 to take the first step and simply try coding or to further explore technology.  There are many STEM programs offered for children and teens, however women are sometimes overlooked.  As women we already know how to multi-task while working jobs, raising families, serving as caretakers, and much more. We are the overlooked population that can fill the tech jobs and create tech start-ups.

Sisters Code’s founder, Marlin Williams was an aspiring mortician and substitute teacher without computer skills.  At the age of 25, Marlin accepted the challenge to learn to code in seven languages in 13 weeks and her life was changed.  Years later she decided to create a movement for women ages 25+ to motivate them to simply try something different.

To date Sisters Code has empowered  300+ women to learn to code.  Some of them have gone on to become instructors, software developers, and entrepreneurs.  One of  our favorite story is our 62-year old student who went from retiree to creating a business where she develops websites for churches!  After the class we provide our participants with tech event updates, networking opportunities,  job postings, and general support.

How We Do It

Weekend Website Warrior Experience:   Our project-based experience serves as an exciting and effective tool to entice women to consider a career in technology and to empower them to believe that they can learn a new skill.  During this two day accelerated program the students build an interactive website while learning to code in Java Script with an introduction to HTML and CSS.  Our students come from all walks of life, where they are taught by women – we call it a “Coding Party.”  We also eliminate the digital divide by not assuming everyone has computer access, and our introductory classes are taught in locations where technology is provided.

Empowering Young Girls in STEM:   Sisters Code participates in STEM related activities, camps, and workshops for young girls.  The first step to creating “future tech leaders” is to empower them to believe that they can excel in the field of technology.

Diversity and Inclusion:  The founder of Sisters Code has served as the Chief Diversity Officer for two fortune 500 companies and uses her voice to bridge the racial and gender gap in tech while sharing her knowledge of diversity, inclusion and equality.

Sisters Code Community of Technology and Transformation:  Understanding the importance of connecting individuals interested in a career in technology with those who have experience in the field, we have built  a community of Technology and Transformation which spans outside of the classroom.  The community provides:  mentoring,  technology networking events, workshops, panel discussions, professional development assistance, and job placement.

The Ultimate Vision:  2020 BYTE  2020

To successfully help bridge the technology gender gap by assisting 2020 women re-career into the field of technology by the end (BYTE) of the year 2020.  We are looking to provide empowerment on an international level.  Our immediate step is to impact 500 women in the Metro Detroit area and expand our reach across the nation.

How you can help

  • Financial sponsorships, contributions, and donations
  • In-Kind contributions
  • Strategic Corporate Partnerships
  • Access to people and technology resources
  • Spread the Word

What’s in it for you

  • Ability to enhance your workforce while bridging the gender technology gap
  • Access to a diverse pipeline of technology talent
  • Transform the lives of women and the landscape of the community
  • Contribute to the economic empowerment of the community

To learn more about the program please add your email to our newsletter on the bottom of the home page or send an email to info@sisters-code.org