About the Founder – Marlin Page

From Aspiring Mortician to Coder, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Technology Entrepreneur.

A Career in Technology Transformed my life…. You Can DO It Too!


Marlin Page is a Globetrotting Speaker and author.  She is a Technology Strategist empowering women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers and life.  Marlin has had a successful career as a coder, Deputy Chief Information Officer, global diversity executive, and CEO of Knowledge Brokers,  a technology staffing and recruiting company.


Taking the Challenge

After college, Marlin was an aspiring mortician working at a funeral home until she heard about a technology corporation’s boot camp.  Participants learned to program in seven different languages in 13 weeks. At the age of 25 Marlin took the challenge, joined the company and survived the boot camp.  In less than a year she was developing and maintaining code for the automotive and banking industry, along with other exciting projects.


Seeing the Success

Marlin moved quickly up the corporate ranks and ultimately became the company’s first Diversity and Strategic Business Executive, including implementing a successful strategy to bridge the racial, gender, and socio-economic gap in the field of technology. Marlin transitioned from the private sector to the public sector and became Deputy Chief Information Officer for the City of Detroit. Marlin and her team successfully developed the City’s first e-government initiative.  She also lead a collaboration across ten unique agencies to support the technology and infrastructure required for Super Bowl XL.  Marlin later started Knowledge Brokers, which she built into a nationally recognized staffing and strategic business consulting organization.


Paying It Forward

Marlin wanted other women to experience the awesomeness that a career in technology had afforded her. She was living proof that a career in technology could transform your life and open the door to endless opportunities. Marlin founded Sisters Code with a simple goal: to awaken the mature geek.  Sisters Code’s mission is to educate, empower, and entice women ages 25 – 85 to explore the world of coding and technology. Simply put, Sisters Code is working to bridge the gender gap by helping women re-career into the field of technology.


Marlin travels the world serving as a STEM Advocate inspiring girls and women to believe that they can learn, work, and flourish in the field of technology. Most recently Marlin was selected to serve as a contributor and speaker for Microsoft’s Global DigiGirlz programs and camps. Utilizing her expertise as a technology strategist, Marlin partners with organizations to develop, manage, and support their internal and external technology outreach initiatives around STEM, diversity, and empowerment for women and girls. Marlin has also served as a speaker for SXSW, Techonomy Detroit, Tom Joyner’s Family Reunion, and More. Please see Marlin’s Personal Website for more information.


Marlin’s book, workbook, and music CD, “Always Believe” came about when her daughter began having some of the same self-esteem issues Marlin experienced when she was younger. Always Believe motivates young girls to love themselves, believe in themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. Marlin’s line of “No Excuses” T-Shirts and motivational products encourages people to get out of their own way, stop making excuses, and reach “their” definition of success. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Random Acts of Technology initiative, created to close the digital divide.