Diversity and inclusion is not for the faint of heart


When you choose to serve in the field of Diversity and Inclusion you must possess a level of fearlessness, passion and a conviction to “shrug it off.” While engaging in this work, you may not be the most popular, however what other people say about you is not your problem. You have a job to do, a mission to complete, and a duty to be the voice of those who are ignored. The work is not about you, it’s about creating an environment where EVERYONE is valued, supported and respected and sometimes that means standing alone.

Sitting in silence, sugar coating the truth, and avoiding uncomfortable conversations doesn’t serve anyone. If the sole purpose of the work behind diversity and inclusion is a nice to do, enabling someone to check a box, the collection of awards, accessing money from grants or funds for filling seats with a diverse audience, etc. it will show in the results. Often times it shows up as Diversity without Inclusion and Equality.

The work of Diversity and Inclusion is not about one person or entity and it’s not for the faint of heart.

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