2016 Goals – Consider this before setting any goals
























2016 Pre-Goal Consideration Idea: I thought of this last year and it worked for me, so I feel safe sharing it with you.

Before you write down any goals take some time to be still and think about your overall “LIFE INTENT and PURPOSE.” By doing this you :

1. Become very clear about the engagements, movement, activities and conversations you will participate in and identify those which align to your Intent and Purpose (great way to say “yes” or “no” to opportunities or obstacles)

2. Won’t rush to write your goals (this is not a race and you are not in competition). Sit with your intent and purpose until it feels real to you. This may mean writing goals in February, be kind to yourself and know that’s OK.

3. Identify your three words. Write down three words that epitomize who you need to be, characteristics warranted, or actions you feel support your Intent and Purpose. You may write down 30 words at first, but take all the time you need to identify the top three.

My three words are: BOLD, FOCUSED, and PRESENT.

4. Write down your Intent and Purpose and three words. Keep these in front of you as you write your goals. You will find that it will be much easier to write goals that are aligned with your statement and eliminate goals that may be things you feel obligated to do but aren’t truly in your heart, and simply look good on paper.

5. Throughout the year, life will happen and your goals may change. If you keep your Intent and Purpose in front of you, you will find it easy to consciously adjust your goals. Although life changes, the essence of who you are (your intent and purpose pretty much remains a constant).

My intent and purpose is to motivate, empower, inspire, educate, mobilize, and give back, so I truly hope this helps someone to take the angst out of goal planning and to empower you to make this process your own personal journey.

Wishing you all a great New Year! I’m SO very excited about the amazing things that are waiting me in 2016 Looking forward to sharing the journey! #noexcuses