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Empowering Women and Small Business Owners

Sisters Code was founded in 2014 with the goal of “Awakening the Mature Geek,” by empowering women ages 25 – 85+ to explore the world of coding and technology.  To date we have worked with 1500+ women and girls to become software developers or start their own businesses and we are not done!

We also offer technical assistance, workshop and events for small business owners with an emphasis on food, technology, and mobility. We have helped hundreds of founders explore, start, scale and grow.

As a partner of the Highland Park Community Kitchen located in Highland Park, Michigan we are intentionally focused on the intersection of food+ mobility to solve for food deserts and food insecurity.

You Deserve World Class Service…and We Deliver

Sisters Code has assembled the “Dream Team.”  Yes, they are experts in their field, but most importantly they have a passion as it relates to empowering entrepreneurs, a spirit of inclusivity, and a non-negotiable stance on providing world class service.

Here’s an overview of the expertise you can expect to find when engaging with our team.

  • Business Operations, HR, Legal and Finance:  We have coached thousands of founders and successfully assisted hundreds of small businesses explore their ideas, start, grow, and scale. 

This group of coaches are comprised of certified finance experts, attorneys, business plan experts,  human resource executives, certified organizational development specialist, diversity, equity and inclusion experts, and business operations specialists, and certified life/executive coaches, and more.

  • Food Based Specialty:  Our Coaches have personally successfully opened numerous food based businesses including restaurants, bars, food trucks, and catering services to name a few.  

They have coached and mentored thousands of people as it relates to all aspects of opening a food based business.  

We also have a coach who was a runner-up on the national TV show “Master Chef,” who has a passion around empowering entrepreneurs who also lends her expertise to our team. 

  • Digital Strategy, Branding and Marketing: Our team has produced thousands of hours of video and content for social media including professional work with CBS, CNN, NBCUniversal, ESPN, Disney and a number of small businesses to name a few.
  • Technology and Strategy:  Our coaches bring with them over 30-years of combined technology experience as well as building their own tech ventures.  

We have coached hundreds of tech based businesses from idea to launch and including website development, prototype development, providing tech enabled solutions, process development and pitch preparation just to name a few.

  • Mobility + Food:  We specialize in working with founders who are interested in utilizing mobility solutions to solve for food deserts and  food insecurity.  We partner with Highland Park Community Kitchen which is located in a food desert.

Marlin Williams is a consummate entrepreneur, business coach and  diversity, equity, and inclusion expert with 20+ years experience helping small business owners explore, start, grow, and scale.

Marlin utilizes her time spent as the global diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for two Fortune 500 companies and a unicorn start-up to meet entrepreneurs where they are on their journey.  Understanding that their are many dimensions of diversity that play a part in where we are in life, Marlin utilizes that fact to provide customized world-class business assistance, coaching and mentorship and requires the same from her team.

As a two-time tech founder and  founder of a neighborhood based commercial kitchen Marlin utilizes her tech skills to empower entrepreneurs to consider adding some form of technology or mobility solution to their business to further their efficiency and effectiveness.  Marlin also had the honor to serve as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the city of Detroit, successfully coordinating the technology behind Super Bowl XL. 

During her time as the inaugural Chief Program Officer at Tech Town Detroit, Marlin created an inclusion-focused tech accelerator focused on idea validation with the goal of bridging the racial and gender gap in tech entrepreneurship. Start Studio Discovery has helped to start many tech and tech enabled businesses and continues to do. 

A sought-after author and speaker Marlin has presented at SXSW, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, TedX, Black Enterprise, MSNBC, Techonomy, Tom Joyner Foundation, Yes We Code, Meeting of the Minds, and more.



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