Who we work with and how we do it

Who we work with

In the vast expanse of food deserts, these services emerge as beacons, casting rays of hope and sustenance
upon the barren landscape, sowing seeds of change and growth.

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Founders with ideas to solve for food deserts and food insecurity.
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New and existing food entrepreneurs looking to start, grow, and scale their businesses.
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New and established founders with ideas related to food + mobility.
Founders who are exploring adding to/scaling their businesses to include food, mobility, emerging technologies, and/or tech enabled ideas.
Have an idea…don’t know where to start? We are here for you!
How We Help
Supporting founders
Supporting founders who are focused on solutions related to food deserts and food insecurity by offering:
Studio Based Programming
Customized Venture Studio Based Programming including but not limited to:
Other Services
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